Symposia description

Physics and Chemistry of Earth and Planetary Interiors

Jiuhua Chen (Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced research and CeSMEC, FIU)

Studies of materials under extreme conditions greatly advance our understanding of Earth and planetary interiors. Topics of this symposium include but not limited to phase transition, crystal structure, elastic property, sound velocity, strength, rheological property, microstructure, melt property, cation/volatile partitioning, electrical property and their implications to understanding structure, composition, dynamics and evolution of Earth and planetary interior. Both experimental and theoretical/computational developments are welcome to the symposium.

Submitted abstracts:


Tomoo Katsura, Zhaodong Liu and Takayuki Ishii
Development of ultrahigh-pressure multi-anvil press and phase relations in the system MgO–SiO2–Al2O3 to 50 GPa

Jiuhua Chen, Shu Huang, Dawei Fan, Suying Chien, Ruilian Tang, Xue Liang
Water influence on the equation of state of pyrope

Shun-ichiro Karato Jennifer Girard Anwar Mohiuddin Noriyoshi Tsujino
Recent progress in the experimental studies on plastic deformation under the deep Earth conditions

Robert Cooper Liebermann
Indoor vs Outdoor Geophysics

Xinguo Hong
Polyamorphs of vitreous GeO2 up to lower mantle pressures

Jinfu Shu
Research micro-nano minerals under extreme conditions

J.S. Tse, N.J. English and T. Iitaka
Thermal conductivity of mineral materials

Alexander F. Goncharov, Sergey S. Lobanov, Xiao Dong, Naira S. Martirosyan, Artem R. Oganov, Pavel N. Gavryshkin, Konstantin D. Litasov, Eran Greenberg, Vitali B. Prakapenka
Chemistry of carbon in carbonates at the Earth’s mantle conditions

Xue Liang, Jiuhua Chen, Jose Fernanedz
Characterizing the effects of the annealing temperature on the ternary metallic glass