Symposia description

Layered superconductors and related functional materials

Naurang L. Saini (Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Universita di Roma)

When atomic periodicity breaks down in electronic materials due to charge defects or some other polarizations, self organized textures forms with ranging scales in space and time, and physical properties of the material suffer large renormalization. The situation is known to occur in different functional materials, including the layered superconductors. The layered structure itself is important due to the fact that electronic degrees of freedom in the layered structures have strongly fluctuating character and the phases with charge (or magnetic order), coexisting with metallic (or superconducting) states can provide an effective mechanism for a non-conventional superconductivity. On the applied side, layered structures permit to have tuning of properties through external parameters as doping/intercalation, pressure, strain, electric and magnetic fields. This is of key interest for developing new materials through control and manipulation for desired properties. The focus of this symposium is to discuss recent advances in the layered superconductors and related functional materials in which inhomogeneous ground state plays important role. The symposium welcomes contributions based on theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of the physics, chemistry, materials science on the following topics: i) Emerging inhomogeneous layered superconductors. ii) Inhomogeneities and nematic phases in Iron-based superconductors. iii) Physics and chemistry of layered BiS2-based superconductors and thermoelectrics. iv) Control and manipulation of different phases and functions in layered systems. v) Physics and defect chemistry of pnictides and chalcogenides for functional properties. vi) Intrinsic structure of inhomogeneous functional materials. vii) Molecular intercalation and functional properties of layered systems. viii) Orbital control for novel functions in multiband systems. ix) Recent advances in Cuprates and other short coherence superconductors. x) Interface superconductivity and interface phases. The scientific program consists of invited talks, contributory talks and posters.

Submitted abstracts:


Vadim Ksenofontov, S. Shylin, S. A. Medvedev, P. Naumov, G. Wortmann, C. Felser
Local and itinerant magnetism in Fe-based superconductors

Yang Ding
Correlation of Novel Micron-scale Ribbon-like Phase and TC in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+b Superconductor

Hidetomo Usui
First principles study and model analysis on thermoelectrics and superconductivity in layered Bi(S,Se)2-based compounds

E. Paris, T. Wakita, Y.Mizuguchi, T. Mizokawa, T. Yokoya, N. L. Saini
Mixed valence, local structure and superconductivity in BiS2-based layered superconductors

Dan Dessau
Electronic Structure of Electron and Hole Doped Spin-Orbit Mott Insulators, and of XMR Materials