Symposia description

Correlated Electron Systems and Thermoelectric Materials at High Pressures

Ravhi S Kumar (University of Neavada Las Vegas)

High pressure studies on emergent properties arising from strong electronic correlations in unconventional superconductors, heavy fermion systems, topological materials and thermoelectrics will be discussed in this session.

Submitted abstracts:


K. Gofryk
Actinide materials under extreme conditions

Emma Pugh
High Pressure Structural and Resistivity Measurements around Magnetic Quantum Critical Points

Yang Ding
RIXS Study of Electron Strongly Correlated Systems at High Pressure

Jason Baker, Ravhi Kumar, Changyong Park, Curtis Kenney-Benson, Andrew Cornelius, and Nenad Velisavljevic
Crystal Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of half-Heusler Alloys at High Pressures

Lin Wang
Structural evaluations of pressure-induced superconducting hydrogen-enriched systems