Symposia description

Nanostructured and disordered carbon at extreme conditions

Alexander Soldatov (Lulea University of Technology)

Since the discovery of fullerene in 1985 followed by synthesis of other molecular forms of carbon - e.g., nanotubes and graphene - these intrinsically nanostructured systems have attracted great attention of the scientific community. This is due to a rich assortment of outstanding chemical, optical, electrical and mechanical properties these materials exhibit: ultra-hardness and stiffness, very high current density and charge carrier mobility, exceptional light emitting characteristics, to name just a few. Intermolecular interaction in these systems is governed by weak van der Waals forces thus high pressure has been used as a suitable parameter to tune their physical properties and to create new carbon-based nanostructural compounds. Among the latter are various metastable forms of carbon with different degree of structural disorder, for example ultra-hard glassy carbon and nano-clustered graphene, which recently became a subject of intense research efforts. Recent advances in research on the nanostructured and disordered carbon-based materials synthesized at high pressure will be in focus of this symposium.

INVITED oral presentations

Vladimir D. Blank
Phase transitions and stability of carbon at high pressure

Elena del Corro
Bidimensional materials: modulation of the electronic properties under axial compression

Zhisheng Zhao
Advanced Hybrid carbons: Glassy carbon and Compressed Glassy

Bing-Bing Liu

Structural stability and deformation of Sm-containing metallofullerenes under high pressure

Submitted abstracts:


Elena del Corro, Ángel Morales García, Miriam Peña, Mercedes Taravillo, Valentín García Baonza, Jose Antonio Garrido, Otakar Frank
Bidimensional materials: modulation of the electronic properties under axial compression

Alexander V. Soldatov, Pablo Botella, Xavier Devaux, Manuel Dossot, Mattias Mases,
Single-walled carbon nanotubes under high dynamic compression: structural integrity limits and beyound

Jinxing Cui1, Mingguang Yao1, Hua Yang2, Ziyang Liu2, Shijie Liu1, Mingrun Du1, Quanjun Li1, Ran Liu1, T Cui1, Bertil Sundqvist1,3, Bingbing Liu1,*
Structural Stability and Deformation of Sm-containing metallofullerenes under High Pressure

Meng Hu, Julong He, Zhisheng Zhao, Timothy A. Strobel, Wentao Hu, Dongli Yu, Hao Sun, Lingyu Liu, Zihe Li, Mengdong Ma, Yoshio Kono, Jinfu Shu, Ho-kwang Mao, Yingwei Fei, Guoyin Shen, Yanbin Wang, Stephen J. Juhl, Jian Yu Huang, Zhongyuan Liu, Bo Xu, Yongjun Tian
Advanced Hybrid carbons: Glassy carbon and Compressed Glassy carbon

Vladimir Blank
Phase transitions and carbon stability at high pressures