Symposia description

High-Pressure Researches in China: Theories and Experiments

Tian Cui (Jilin University, China)
Bingbing Liu (Jilin University, China)
Lin Wang (Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research, China)

Chinese high-pressure research community has been actively focusing on various directions including geosciences, materials science, physics, chemistry at high pressures. There are more and more high quality studies published by Chinese high-pressure researchers. They also actively interact with international research groups. In this symposia, we are going to invite outstanding scientists from the Chinese high-pressure community to share their results and enjoy the fruitful discussions together. We hope to promote more collaboration between the scientists from China and other countries.

Submitted abstracts:


Mingliang Tian
Introduction of Research on High Pressure and Magnetic Fields in CHMFL

Fei Zhang, Hongbo Lou, Zhidan Zeng, Qiaoshi Zeng*
Polymorphism in a high-entropy alloy

Wenge Yang, Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research, Shanghai 201203, China
Oxygen-Rich Lithium Oxide Phases Formed at High Pressure for Lithium-Air Batteries

Quanjun Li, Benyuan Cheng, Huafang Zhang, and Bingbing Liu
Pressure-induced structural phase transitions and insulator-metal transitions in VO2 nanomaterials

Xigui Yang, Xiangying Wu, Mingguang Yao, Shijie Liu, Shuanglong Chen,Ke Yang, Ran Liu, 1Tian Cui, Bertil Sundqvist, and Bingbing Liu
Novel Superhard sp3 Carbon Allotrope from Cold Compressed C70 Peapods

Mingguang Yao, Bingbing Liu
High pressure study on noncrystalline carbon materials

Ling-Yun PAN,a Yan LUO,a Zhi-Wei WANG,a Yong-Jun BAO,a Xiao-Li HUANG,a Qiang ZHOU,a Dong-Xiao LU,a Tian CUI a*
High-pressure Affected Exciton Dynamics of CdSe/ZnS Core-shell Quantum Dots

Jianlin Luo
Superconductivity and magnetism in CrAs and MnP under physical and chemical pressure.

Zhaorong Yang
Pressure effect on topological electronic materials