Symposia description

Nano Materials at High Pressure

Lin Wang (Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research)

The study of nanocrystalline materials with dimension less than 100 nm is the active area of research in physics, chemistry and engineering. Nanomaterials differ significantly from their bulk counterparts by virtue of their small grain size. The high pressure studies on nanocrystalline materials have attracted a great deal of attentions and been extensively carried out. In this symposium, we are going to invite outstanding scientists in this field to share their results and exchange ideas.

Submitted abstracts:


Xiaoli Wang and Jianfu Li
The high-pressure design of HEDM and novel electronic phenomena under high pressure

Zhisheng Zhao, Haidong Zhang, Duck Young Kim, Wentao Hu, Emma S. Bullock & Timothy A. Strobel
Properties of Exotic Metastable Ge: The Case of ST12

Hao Yan
Superlattice formation and phase transition of monodispersed gold nanoparticles

Zhidan Zeng
Phase transition dominated plastic deformation in silicon nanoparticles

Ming-Guang Yao, Tian-yi Wang, Zhen Yao, Shuang-long Chen, Ye Yuan, Bing-Bing Liu
High pressure study of one-dimensional nanostructures