Symposia description

Nanostructured materials and devices

Chunlei Wang (Florida International University, USA)
Nezih Pala (Florida International University, USA)
Chenzhong Li (Florida International University, USA)

This symposium is to present state-of-art research and recent achievements in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Special emphasis will be placed on energy related materials, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nano safety, nanobiotechnology and special techniques to characterize nanostructured materials and devices.

Submitted abstracts:


Yan Yu
Room-temperature Sodium-ion Batteries: Improving the Rate Capability using Porous Carbon Networks

Chen-Zhong Li, Pratik Shah, Juan Song
MEMS Devices for Neural Chemicals Recording and Mapping

Pranjal Nautiyal, Leslie Embrey, Benjamin Boesl, Arvind Agarwal
Multi-Scale Mechanics and Electrical Transport in a Free-Standing 3D Architecture of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes by Pressure Assisted Welding

Richa Agrawal, Yong Hao, Ebenezer Adelowo, Alexandra Henriques, Chunlei Wang
Materials and Architecture Perspectives for On-Chip Energy Storage and Power Generation