Symposia Panel Titles

List of symposia titles and organizers:

1. Structure and electronic structures of ultra light materials Shanti Deemyad (University of Utah) Eva Zurek (University at Buffalo)

2. Nanostructured and disordered carbon at extreme conditions Alexander Soldatov (Lulea University of Technology)

3. Correlated Electron Systems and Thermoelectric Materials at High Pressures Ravhi S Kumar (University of Neavada Las Vegas)

4. 2D Materials beyond graphene G.P. Das (IACS, Kolkata) P. Jena (VCU, Richmond)

5. Hydrogen Storage & Hydrides, Production & Fuel Cell Rajeev Ahuja (Uppsala University, Sweden) Yaroslav Filinchuk (Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

6. Layered superconductors and related functional materials Naurang L. Saini (Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Universita di Roma)

7. Orbital control for novel functions in multiband systems Takashi Mizokawa (Department of Applied Physics, Waseda University) Naurang Saini (Department of Physics, University of Roma La Sapienza)

8. Physics and Chemistry of Earth and Planetary Interiors Jiuhua Chen (Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced research and CeSMEC, FIU)

9. High-Pressure Synthesis of Novel Materials Alexander Goncharov (Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington) Artem Oganov (Skoltech, Russia and Stony Brook University, USA)

10. Nanostructured materials and devices Chunlei Wang (Florida International University, USA) Nezih Pala (Florida International University, USA) Chenzhong Li (Florida International University, USA)

11. Spin-Orbit Coupled Materials Swastik Kar (Northeastern University) Hsin Lin (Graphene Research Center & National University of Singapore) Arun Bansil (Northeastern University) Gianina Buda (Northeastern University)

12. Advanced Technologies for Advanced Characterizations of Advanced Materials under Extreme Conditions Haozhe Liu (HPSTAR) Luhong Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology)

13. Nano Materials at High Pressure Lin Wang (Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research)

14. High-Pressure Researches in China: Theories and Experiments Tian Cui (Jilin University, China) Bingbing Liu (Jilin University, China) Lin Wang (Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research, China)

15. Biology and biological materials under extreme conditions Fumihisa Ono (Okayama University of Science)

16. Computational Materials Structure and Property Predictions - Methods and Applications for High Pressure and Low-Dimensional Systems Richard G. Hennig (University of Florida) Eva Zurek (University at Buffalo)

17. Plenary

18. Poster